Geothermal Systems

GGS is experienced in low-enthalpy geothermal (groundwater-sourced) heat pump system design and implementation. It sounds complicated but it is becoming more and more widespread as both domestic and commercial property owners realise that there’s a valuable heat resource under their feet.

We have the technical capabilities to assess the feasibility for heat extraction at your specific site and we’re committed to developing the most cost-effective and efficient geothermal system for your situation. In conjunction with one of our heat pump partners, a system can be designed and installed and you can have confidence in our quality control continuity from start to finish.

GGS offers the following specialist geothermal services:

  • Feasibility studies - assessing whether a geothermal system is a realistic option at your site
  • Geothermal system design - based on open-loop groundwater supply
  • Closed-loop system design for horizontal trenches, pond loops and vertical boreholes

  • Specification of heat pump equipment and then efficient supply and installation

  • Mine Water Heat - GGS has specialist knowledge in extracting thermal energy from mine workings and can advise your project. For more information see our case study.

  • Heat pump retrofits on swimming pools

  • Yield testing of existing boreholes for geothermal heating potential
  • Adaptation of existing water wells for geothermal heating

Jonathan Steven of GGS has the specialist expertise to develop combined systems to provide both water supply and geothermal heat supply from a single source borehole. Have a look at our Domestic water supply case study for an example.

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