Mine Water-Sourced Heat Pump

Minewater Sourced Heat Pump


GGS was asked to advise the owner of a redundant mine working about a newly-installed mine water-sourced heat pump system that was failing to operate to specification. The client wanted to establish a reliable system that would also enable the workings to be used for storage.


An inappropriate system had been sold to the client and there were issues with water volumes and the recycling of heat resources. The project was simply not meeting expectations and return on investment targets.


Jonathan of GGS took on the problem-solving role and, in liaison with the regulators (Environment Agency and Coal Authority) and specialist subcontractors, assessed the mine records and the hydrogeological impact, adapted the drilling and yield development specifications and implemented an appropriate pumping system integrated with a GSHP plant.

The project is now working well and is the largest mine water-sourced heat pump system in the UK.

GGS comment

“I always prefer to be involved in a complex project from the beginning so that I can help develop options and suggest approaches before decisions have been made. In this case, that wasn't possible but I was keen to ensure that a redundant heat resource became something useful for the client and, with a lot of technical discussions and specialist engagement, we were able to resolve the issues and get this system working as it should.“

Jonathan Steven
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