Private Water Supply

There are several benefits to having a private water supply and sometimes, in a remote location, it may be your only option. Using our hydrogeological expertise, specialist technical knowledge and a network of contractors and advisers, we help both commercial and domestic clients to explore their options and understand the implications of an independent water supply.

And then we can project manage the implementation of your plans through to water coming from your taps.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Geological surveys - desktop and feasibility studies to assess supply potential and measure aquifer
  • Test pumping and analysis of water supply
  • Abstraction licence negotiation with the Environment Agency
  • Design of a system to meet your needs including borehole dimensions, water treatment and filtration requirements and full costings
  • Drilling contractor selection and project quality control

We also have specialist expertise in developing combined systems to provide water supply and geothermal heat supply from a single source borehole. Have a look at our Domestic water supply case study for an example.

Whether you’re a remote householder looking to combine an independent water supply with a heating system or a potential water retailer looking at the feasibility of a site, we’ve worked with clients like you and we know that we can help. Please give us a call to discuss your project.

GGS is a full member of the Well Drillers Association (WDA) and has the experience to carry out bespoke borehole services for both large-scale commercial projects and smaller private water supplies. Please contact us if you need to discuss any of the following requirements:

  • Drilling a new borehole - GGS develops and oversees the process of borehole design and specification, construction and commissioning. We use one of our trusted drilling subcontractors to carry out the drilling operations while our focus is on the quality control and troubleshooting aspects.
  • Yield development - we will ensure that your borehole is effectively developed to maximise its output and achieve a sand-free condition for long-term, trouble-free operation and low maintenance load.
  • Test pumping - we carry out test pumping to assess the chemical and bacteriological quality of water as well as assessing how much water you can extract sustainably.
  • Pump supply and installation - GGS uses high-quality submersible pumps and ensures best-practice in installation to maximise the life of your water supply system.
  • Waterwell surveying and maintenance - if the performance of your existing borehole system has deteriorated, we can arrange for a CCTV downhole survey and assess the problem thoroughly. As required, we can carry out remedial work using a range of mechanical and chemical processes.
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