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Dalbeattie Drilling


The client had bought a cottage that was off-grid in southern Scotland. He was investigating options for power, heating and water supplies.


Jonathan Steven of GGS recognised the potential for a combination of heat and water from the same source for this property. He also understood the complexity of pulling together the different types of specialist knowledge required to ensure that the various systems and elements all worked well together.


Jonathan worked with the client to specify the water supply borehole (based on comprehensive geological and groundwater information) and the associated pumping and pressure control systems.

He then supervised drilling and advised on contractors for other elements of the project, particularly the micro-hydro scheme, the associated generator and battery storage and the underfloor heating on site.

Client comment

“I would unhesitatingly use GGS and Jonathan Steven again for his depth of knowledge, creativity, technical understanding and geological expertise. My confidence in GGS was rewarded with Jonathan’s suggestions, input and advice on pursuing a couple of options also to provide ground source heating. That was 30 months ago and everything is working perfectly and has never caused a problem; heating to the cottage is great and we now shower in a quality of water that most people can only get from a fancy bottle.“

Ian domestic client

GGS comment

“It was very satisfying to be able to deliver such an efficient system to an unusual domestic property. I was able to bring together power generation and storage, underfloor heating and a reliable clean water supply and help in creating a sustainable property in an amazing setting.“

Jonathan Steven GGS
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