Water Treatment

Water treatment is all about the removal of unwanted minerals and contaminants from your water supply and GGS understands how hugely important that can be in a commercial manufacturing and processing context as well as your home.

Groundwater & Geothermal Services has plenty of experience in the installation of efficient and dependable water treatment equipment and we always ensure that our client's water supplies reach the necessary quality standards as defined by the Private Water Supplies Regulations.

Our filtration systems are used to:

  • Absorb and remove unpleasant tastes, colours, odours and both organic and inorganic contaminants
  • Adjust water pH levels depending on the acidity or alkalinity of the source water
  • Remove manganese, iron, arsenic and other heavy metals as well as other chemical contaminants
  • Eliminate suspended solids from water - everyone wants their water supply to look clear

Jonathan Steven, our lead consultant, works with a number of specialist suppliers to offer our clients exactly the scale and breadth of water treatment that they need. Please contact us to set up an initial visit and analysis to find out what’s in your water and how best to treat it.

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